Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cake scraps, yum!

'Tis but a trifle.
Ah, back in the comforting non-cake zone. I'm quite confident in my abilities to work with pudding, fruit, and already-made cake. Not the prettiest trifle ever created, but so easy. Darn tasty too! Nice, getting away from cakeyness for a week.

Paul and I visited my cousins Suzanne and Marty on Sunday, and of course I brought dessert. A fine finish to Marty's veggie and bean chili. Well, I think so anyway.

Leftovers were inflicted on my co-workers as usual.

Trifle contents: Chocolate Fudge Cake scraps (bottom of trifle, below peach layer), All-Occasion Yellow Cake scraps (below the berry layer), frozen peaches (fresh from The Big Apple in Wrentham, MA, last summer - so incredibly sweet and good, like a little slice of summery happiness), frozen mixed berries, and pudding.

Bottom line: Mmmmm... pudding...

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