Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Synonym for "Disaster?" Super Bowl Cake

Here I am at Phil's Super Bowl party, constructing the monstrosity. I blamed the crappy decorating job on not being able to see.

Wonderful timing: I scratched my right eye on Friday somehow, so I was nearly blind for the weekend.

(I don't recommend eye scratches. They HURT, and essentially render you blind, even though it's only one eye because both eyes keep trying to close, but it hurts to close the scratched eye, so you fight to keep it open, but everything's all blurry and screwed up anyway. Plus your nose keeps running because you're basically crying, which means you get a headache from allt he pressure weirdness in your head. That was my weekend in a nutshell: "Hey, who is that running back for the Cardinals, that new guy Jones? He looks pretty good." "Uh, Alison, do you mean James? Edgerrin James?" Crap. I couldn't even see my last gasp at football for the season.)

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