Monday, January 26, 2009

First Fondant Foray!

It meets with success, and there is much rejoicing! Whoo-hoo!

(Practice cake made for a game night at Josh and Kimberly's on 03 January 2009, hence the incongruous dice with the seasonal snowflake motif.)

Is it perfect? No. But it's a start.

Paul helped tremendously with coloring the fondant and rolling it out. He even seemed to have fun with cookie cutters to make the snowflakes. Quite a tactical error on his part to seem interested and helpful. Now he'll never get out of fun with fondant. Ha ha!

Details about the cake:
First time I made and used marshmallow fondant. I used Peggy Weaver's mm fondant recipe, but with about 6 cups of sugar instead of 8. It's just way too dry in the winter in Massachusetts to use all the sugar in the recipe. Guess how I figured that out... I'll give you a hint: I have a lot of dry fondant hanging around in my 'fridge right now. But it's good for modeling, just not rolling out to cover a whole cake.

If the kid in this video can make mm fondant, I figured I could too:
The Fondant Kid, part I
The Fondant Kid, part II

Cake is from a cake mix because I wanted to focus on the fondant. Used a 9.5" springform pan, torted into 2 layers, about 1.25" each.

Standard "American" buttercream in between layers and for fondant glue.

Fondant dyed blue with Betty Crocker gel food coloring. Best method: put on thin latex gloves; wash the gloves on your hands; blob some coloring on your gloved hands; knead into fondant.

Cake and fondant made the night before serving.

Cake assembled the day of serving.

Bottom line: I can do fondant! Whoo-hoo! My first milestone! I might actually be able to not embarrass myself or Marsha & Lee at their wedding!

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