Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Nope, not mine. (Give me another week or so.)
Cake FAIL - Fantastic! In a horrific way. If only these people used their gifts for good and not stupidity...

And another disaster that makes me feel better about my endeavors: Bad bad cake


  1. Hi ali

    terrific idea to keep us posted on your cake adventures. He, we might get some great recipes from you and since you go thru all the trials and tribulations etc we don't have to do that! hahaha.
    Good luck! And I might have some recipes for you, if you need some more, from my culinary career. many moons ago!
    Be well and keep on baking!

  2. Hi Maud -
    Thanks for taking a look here. If you have a favorite cake recipe for a fairly sturdy cake, I would certainly love to have it! Chocolate, yellow, white, maybe something more interesting? I'm trying them all.
    I'm planning to cover the final cake in fondant, so something like an angelfood cake or a sponge cake may not work as well as other, heartier cakes. Thanks again! --A