Monday, July 20, 2009

Final Exam Cake Photos

Top shelf:
Golden Vanilla Cake with Citrus Buttercream and Berry Preserves
Book covered in chocolate plastic, piping done with royal icing.

Bottom shelf:
Chocolate Mmmm Cake with Midnight Ganache
Books covered in fondant and chocolate plastic, piping done with royal icing.

All roses and begonias are edible.

(I will post detailed in-progress stuff later this week, probably.)

Then we moved the cake closer to the kitchen, so the lighting changed slightly. Cake and flowers were still ok even a few hours later...

Thanks for checking out these photos! Anyone need me to make a cake for them?


  1. You must be so happy! Your execution is neat and on target. Congrats! I bet you get lots on orders on this one. (if you even want to do it AWESOME JOB!!

  2. Thanks, Amy!
    It was a lot of fun making the cake, I would definitely like to do it again. :-) Maybe with a little more experience I could fix some of the parts I don't think came out well with this cake...

  3. I can't imagine what you are seeing as "some parts" but in truth only you would know. It looks just like your sketch only better and in color!

  4. Good job! Read one of the past blogs, I can't believe your cat is still around, amazing!

  5. this is amazing! what a cool idea.. i think my sister would want a wedding cake like this!
    xx. Lovely At Your Side

  6. Thanks, Lovely! I happen to know just where your sister can get a cake like this, or even a more traditional one...